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Hello, we are Aleksandra, Pawel!

We are a couple who love traveling, exploring new cultures and, above all, we love animals. It is not without reason that we chose such fields of study as biology or environmental science. We have always been interested in the fate of our planet, and first of all  the fate of endangered animals. These animals motivated us  to act and establish our UNSECURED brand. Our brand’s name refers to the situation of animals that are in danger of extinction-their fate is uncertain. We really want to avoid it, so we decided to create a line of clothes that will make people aware of the huge problem of endangered species.



All our products are vegan, made of 100% organic cotton. Our packaging is made from recycled cardboard and acid-free tissue paper. Information card are recyclable too! We own numerous certificates which confirm that the production of our apparels is carried out in an ethical manner and that no animal was harmed during it. 10 % of every  sale  will go to various foundations that protect these needy and  defenceless animals.

This is the last moment to help! If you care , join us while it’s not too late!

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